About the Author...

Laurent GRANIER is a French author, an eclectic writer, of philosophy as much as movie scenario or concept of Reality TV.
He is a master philosopher as well as a theoretician. His other books talk about different subjects; one about the possibility of the existence of God, another one about a new theory treating the Dinosaurs extinctions and another one about the theory of Relativity in comparison to Quantum Mechanics. In this last field, Laurent GRANIER is the one who has found the Einstein’s mistake inside his theory of Relativity.
As an inventor, he holds more than 25 patents.E.g. the “Bank Gift Card” is his invention.
Since he is an expert in intellectual property, a book on the big mistakes inthe system of invention protection and its fake laws is written.
In addition, he is a designer.
His capacity to analyse deeply everything enables him to find a solution to any problem.
Laurent GRANIER is a sensitive, open minded autodidact. Open eyes, open ears, he never keeps quiet in front of injustice, fighting it everywhere.
​Laurent GRANIER is the founder of the NGO "ANOTOW - Another Tomorrow".


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